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Bergen Diesel

Siguna strives toward creating smarter and better filtration solutions contributing to a more eco-friendly industry. Siguna’s assortment consists of a wide selection of high-quality filters fitted for ship engines and industrial equipment. We serve customers all over the world, which is why our filters are designed to meet some of the toughest and most demanding environments. Siguna offers a filter solution substitutional with the following filter type from Bergen Diesel; Bergen Diesel 3150210H.

Below, you can see the filter type from Siguna that is substitutional with the one from Bergen Diesel.

Filter SIG 02
Bergen Diesel 3150210H


With a filter from SIGUNA you are guaranteed a top quality filter compatible with your engine.
SIGUNA Premium Filters are produced within Europe, according to the highest EU standards. SIGUNA filters come with a wide range of benefits that make our filters stand out from the rest of the market:

  • First class filtration media
  • Powerful material in securing stabile working conditions all around the world
  • Laboratory and quality tested within the US
  • Extended lifetime by 25% using SIGUNA Premium filters
  • Absorbs up to 30% more dirt than an average filter
  • Reinforced outer and inner core
  • Worldwide delivery
  • High value product to a favourable price

Our title as OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) testifies that SIGUNA does not sell any parts considered as copy parts or low-quality parts. Unfortunately we see that this is not always the case for all providers in the industry.